Why Name a brick when you can name a star?

-Eric K.

It's a beautiful idea, and people love it.

-Justine S.







I bought this star in memory of my son's girlfriend...little did I know her father and brother were into astronomy and were also thrilled by it! 


Although I DO realize that I can't actually name a star, it helps those that I love to be able to look into the night sky and see their loved one shining down on them.  It has been very comforting to several friends who have lost loved ones lately.


I think it is a wonderful service.  My Mom was so touched by the star we bought for my late father and the one we bought for her in the same constellation.


This is a great way to remember someone by and to let others know the love you have so I would just like to say thank you.

This was in memory of my son that passed away just a few min. After being born.


They were a pleasure to work with.  They helpmed me with 2 memorial stars, one for my husband who recently passed away and one for my baby daughter who passed 15 years ago.  I explained that I wanted them to be close to another and they happily obliged.  It was comforting to know that I had support during a very difficult time for me.  I would definitely recommend them.


My Dad passed away a year ago and it has been extremely difficult, this was a way to remember him and honor him on the year anniversary. I purchased this and my and I did this together, it meant so much to her and everything that went along with this deal is awesome! We will be framing the certificate. It will be like my Dad is up there watching over us! Thank you! Anonymous

A wonderful way to create a memorial to a lost loved one. 


It was a meaningful way to memorialize a loved one, and something concrete for kids. We spread the word on facebook and many others were intrigued. It also came very quickly and on the actual day we were commemorating! Very beautiful, official-sounding, and imaginative.


This was a unique gift for my brother who has been an astronomy photographer for many years but now has a brain tumor.  The certificate is mostly 'honorary' since I am not sure any real body recognizes these names for any official purpose.  It just seemed a fitting gift.


It was the most fantastic gift I have ever given.  I got the charts, and  all the info so quickly, and the family I gave it to said it was the best present they could ever hope for, A star for their dearly deceased son.


I purchased this for my parents and named the star in memory of my brother who passed away March 2007. My parents were touched by this gift for my parents.


LOVED this deal!!!!! I bought five of them. Two were for a dear friend who lost his brother and niece and to see the look on his face when he opened this was AMAZING!!!! Truly AWESOME gift idea! 


a friends baby passed away and i purchased this for her as a memorial gift so she can always look up and see her baby's star shining for her.   she absolutely loved it, and i am very grateful to be able to find such a deal and cheer her up all thanks to living social!  thank you!  cant wait for my next deal!  =)


 A friend got a star for our young son on his death. It brings me comfort during the dark days and nights in January to look up at the tip of Orion's club and say, "Hi, Andy!"


 I got a star for my 2 year old granddaughter who passed away. I think of her every time I look into the night sky and think the twinkling stars are because she is dancing in heaven.


 I had two stars named one for my twin sister and one for my brother. Brings comfort to look in sky and see them. I tell everyone I know about ISR !


 My grandson passed away at 3 1/2 months old. My husband and I named a star for him for his 1st birthday. I know he shines brightly above me


I named a star in memory of a loved one. It gives me a lot of comfort to look up to the heavens and be reminded of her. I also recently have one as a gift to my daughter's favorite teacher after his mom passed. I thought it would be a great way for him and his children to look up at the star and share memories of her. Such a unique and wonderful thing to own or give


I named stars for lost loved ones. It's nice to know their memories live on not just in my heart. Love the star I registry!


I named a star after my son Hyden Ryan after he passed away at 3 and a half months gestation :( i wanted the world to see him shine just as i do in my heart! i love you Hayden! Caroline Holsapple My brother-in-law has a star named for him!!!! I look for it all the time. RIP Bobby!!!!! We still miss you!!!!


 My friends named a star after my son Makhi Stanley Gilman..... he passed away after only 5 days of life...and now he lives on forever.


 i can forever look into the sky and see the shining star that represents my parents and know that they are always looking down at us. that is cool.


My identical twin past away in 2005 and my husband gave me a star for my birthday named after her. Best present ever!


We lost our Baby Sophia Evonne Simonsen on June 24, 2010 due to being stillborn. She was full term 6 lbs 4.5 oz and 19 1/2 inches and is mine and my Hubbys first born. Sophia has been gone over one month and we miss her greatly.


My son's grampa died recently and he didn't have a service so I purchased a shining star & named a star in his honor.


Hands down most unique gift I ever received. It is a gift that stays with you always! I have since given 3 as gifts/memorials and never regretted it, cheers!!


I love this idea. I'm naming a star after my daughter, Shawna, who I lost to leukemia 11 months ago today :(


Received one from Make a Wish yesterday for my only child who passed away recently.



It's a great tie in for people who are looking for something different

-Jon K.

Even if ashes are scattered to the wind every life should be memorialized, and a star is a great memorial.

-Kenneth H.




This is a great service. When my sister passed away I got a star named after her. I often try to look for it in the night sky. When my dad passed away last year my bfriend got me a star in honour of my dad. It is the one next to my sister. A great way to remember and honour the people you miss the most.


I bought one in remembrance of my daughters 15th birthday on March the 6. She vvas my shining star......I Love you Kayla Cheyenne....


 I'm naming a star for my cousin, Lisa, who passed away on 2/14/10. We love you Lisa. May your star try to shine as bright as you once did.


 I just named a star for my Granny (that passed away years ago) and is going to give my grandfather the certificate and coordinates on his birthday coming up at the end of March. Can't wait!


In honor of my Husband Earl who passed away 2-17-09. I love you Earl.


 A tribute to Angela Mason_ 1968_2010....a tiny dancing star ....in the constellation of Sagitarrius...dance on sweet Angel.


My son Johnnie passed away 11 years in March.I have always thought of him as my bright and shining star. Well he has a star named after him Johnnie Bennett Kirkpatrick replaced the star Taurus which is so great because that is his birth sign--Love you Johnnie Love Always and Forever, Mom


Absolutely love this. It's also a great way to memorialize someone you loved who has died. Did this for grandmother.


 A most BEAUTIFUL way to let your LOVED ones 'SHINE FOREVER more"...


My star, Sophie, is in memory of my daughter Sophia Arianna. She passed away at birth on June 7, 2007. Everynight I look up at the sky and know she is here with me!

-San Juana

I had bought a star for Brandon shortly after he died..I received two beautiful framed pictures..one of the constellation showing where his star was and one with his name, the date his star was named (Brandon Wesley Sgaggero) and the coordinates of the star. I also got a wallet-sized card with the coordinates and a post card of the constellation..I was sooo impressed.


my daughter gave me a star in memeory of my son who passed away at 15, his name was" Star'since then we have collected 4 more animals and given many as gifts the grandaughters like to find their stars with the telescope.


I bought a star for one of dear friends last year for Valentine's Day. She lost her son, who was 12 years old, in a fire and I named it after him. She absolutely loved it. I just wanted to let her know that even though he was not here with her that he would always be looking down upon her.


My mom passed away a few days ago and I just bought a star for my father so he knows that she is always shining down on him.


years ago my husband gave me the idea to name a star in memory of my brother & we gave it to my mom as a Christmas gift. She loved it.


today was a good day i got a star under my nephew's name KIAN AHMADI that i lost almost ten months ago ........


 I dedicated a star for my husband on his first Birthday in Heaven. He was my soulmate, the love and light of my life. I lost him to Cancer after a very long two year battle. He died way too young and went through suffering that no human being should ever have to endure. He is my bright shining star up in the Heavens now, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate his first Birthday without us.


 I named a star after my dad "Kukie" the greatest human being that ever walked this earth....by Ursa Major..., Dad you are up there coaching the Angels, and you are the brightest star in the universe. I love you and miss you so much


I have given many stars to my family and friends as MEMORIALS for lost loved ones, and they have been greatly adored and appreciated!




I bought a star after we lost on baby granddaugher to sids on march 26 ,2007 .it brings comfort to me to think she shines on from above, our little star Tara Christine.\


We gave a star to our terminally ill neice for her birthday. Such a neat and great thing, now they can look into the sky and think of thier baby girl!


My daughter had just lost her dog when this was offered as a deal. I bought one in his name & it was a great gift for her to keep.


They helped me commemorate my pets who have passed on.


I always knew my Golden Girl Charlie belonged in the stars but thought it would be difficult and expensive to do. This gave me the opportunity to put her where she now belongs. The documentation they include make it fun to track your very own star. I'm so happy, when the package came in the mail I couldn't hold back the tears. 


I named a star after my wonderful and fabulous dog who passed away in December 2012.  I am comforted in knowing that she will now and always be immortalized!  This has helped in the grieving process.  I just look up at night and know a part of her is up there!


I am buying a star for our sweet Shih-Tzu who passed away after almost 18 wonderful years. We love you Cupcake!


Every time someone loses an animal friend they should get a shining star to make a mark in the sky for the loss of that friend.


I am buying a star for our sweet Shih-Tzu who passed away after almost 18 wonderful years. We love you Cupcake!


Last night our 10 year old grandson lost his other grand father. This man was a gentle, devoted grandfather who dearly loved his family. In trying to come up with a way of honoring him, for Coles sake, Cassie came across this star idea. Once a star is named, they never rename it and it goes into a registry. She named the star "Rollie's Love". Cole will have a framed star chart with the star circled in red and the coordinates to locate it. He will also have a framed certificate with the star name on it. Now, when he looks at that star he will forever be reminded of the light his "Unca" brought to his life.


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